Spike Lee Reviving DO THE RIGHT THING’s Mookie For RED HOOK

From out of nowhere a new Spike Lee Joint begins filming today - and it sees the return of DO THE RIGHT THING’s Mookie!

Do the Right Thing is one of the best movies ever made. Period. A brilliant, wonderful movie that’s beautiful to look at and, even decades later, still thought provoking, it’s one of my all-time favorite films. It’s one of the Spike Lee movies where Spike himself appears, playing pizza delivery boy Mookie, which is one of Spike’s signature character (the other being, of course, Mars Blackmon, who appeared in She’s Gotta Have It and a bunch of Nike commercials). Now it looks like Mookie will be back in the new Spike Lee Joint, Red Hook.

According to Wilson at Blackfilm this is the premise of the film:

Details on the plot is limited, but a close source has informed us that the story centers on a adult from Atlanta who comes and spends the summer in Red Hook section of Brooklyn, NY.

This is all very interesting because it seems that Spike started shooting TODAY, with almost no word leaking in advance. This means it’s probably a super low budget feature, just like where he began. But the appearance of Mookie makes us wonder - is this a sequel to Do the Right Thing, at least thematically? Red Hook is an interesting Brooklyn neighborhood, a semi-isolated area that was once one of the worst neighborhoods in America and pretty much an open air crack market. Now the neighborhood is more working class, with a good mix of artists, and even boasts an IKEA.

Whatever Red Hook is, I’m always ready for a new Spike film, especially one set in New York.