The Academy To Archive Mondo Posters, Starting With Drew Struzan’s FRANKENSTEIN!

Mondo goes straight legit as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences begins archiving their posters! PLUS: Great new FRANKENSTEIN poster by the master, Drew Struzan.

This post would be our best of the day if it only included the INCREDIBLE Drew Struzan poster for Frankenstein above, the latest in Mondo’s series of Universal Monsters posters. But it gets even cooler, because along with this poster comes the announcement that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences - the Oscar people - will be archiving Mondo posters from now on. Follow @MondoNews for info on when Frankenstein will be on sale.

But there’s more! Mondo is also launching The Mondo Archive, a website that archives all of the Mondo posters from over the years. It’s a beautiful depository of some amazing artwork, and it’s found at

From the Academy press release about the archiving of Mondo:

“We are always seeking out the unusual, and the Mondo collection certainly fits the bill,” said the Academy’s graphic arts librarian, Anne Coco. “We are looking forward to working with the Alamo Drafthouse to ensure that its contribution to the art of movie posters will be around for future generations to appreciate.”

This ongoing gift from the Alamo Drafthouse will be housed along with the Herrick’s existing collection of more than 38,000 movie posters. The posters in the library’s collection are stored in climate-controlled vaults, and are scanned and entered into the library’s online catalog, where they can be viewed by the public.

“We’re extremely grateful to the Academy for its interest in archiving Mondo’s poster collection,” said Mondo Creative Director Justin Ishmael. “We’re fans of movie art, first and foremost, and to have our artists’ work archived alongside some of the classics of movie poster art is an incredible honor.”

The Margaret Herrick Library poster collection includes a wide range of works created by noted graphic artists, such as the Stenberg brothers’ constructivist poster for “Man with a Movie Camera” and Wiktor Gorka’s arresting poster for the Polish release of “Cabaret.” The library also holds all of the film posters designed by Saul Bass, including his groundbreaking key art for “The Man with the Golden Arm.”