Albert Pyun Gives Updates On CYBORG Remake/Prequel And A MEAN GUNS Sequel!

Only on Badass Digest: Pyun gives the basics on the CYBORG remake/prequel/reboot and announces a MEAN GUNS 2!

I just got off the phone with the great Albert Pyun, who is bringing his director’s cut of Captain America to the Alamo Drafthouse this weekend (click here to buy tickets!), and he gave me some great information about his upcoming projects, including the proposed remake of Cyborg.

This was first reported a couple of months ago, but Pyun shed more light on it: he is negotiating with MGM to remake Cyborg, except that it’s actually a reboot/prequel concept. He wants to bring back everyone from the original - I’m looking at you, Jean-Claude Van Damme - for a wrap around that tells a story set in the past with an all-new cast. So you’d have JCVD as old Gibson Rickenbacker telling a story about young Gibson Rickenbacker, which may be set prior to the events of Cyborg. That’s the concept anyway.

Another film Pyun has on his plate is a sequel to Mean Guns. His movie would follow the adventures of the little blonde girl at the end, who gives Deborah Van Valkenberg the briefcase full of cash and asks ‘Are you my mommy now?’ as she’s in her 20s and seeks revenge on the baddies from the original.

But first he has Red Moon, the third film in the Sword and the Sorcerer series; if you haven’t seen the second, Tales of An Ancient Empire, yet don’t worry - he’s showing that at the Alamo with Captain America!