Josh Brolin Rumored For OLDBOY Remake Lead

Who would you cast in the American version?

According to Twitch, Josh Brolin is the lead choice for Spike Lee’s remake of Oldboy. He’d be playing the Americanized version of the character Choi Min-Sik created in Park Chan-Wook’s classic, a man who is imprisoned for seemingly no reason for years, and who seeks revenge when he gets out. His journey for revenge goes… poorly.

Brolin is an AMAZING choice if Lee’s version sticks somewhat close in tone and edginess to the original. Twitch does warn that this is very preliminary and that no official offers have yet gone out, so they’re wondering who else might be good in the role. I kind of would like to see Spike and Denzel Washington reteam for this one; I think Denzel in that role, having those things happen to him, would fucking blow the minds of everyone in America.

Who would be your choice for an Americanized version of Oh Dae-Su?