Kristen Wiig Turns BRIDESMAIDS Success Into Clout To Make IMOGENE

Kristen Wiig took the success of BRIDESMAIDS and turned it into currency to make her passion project! It sounds pretty rad.

This sounds pretty terrific. Now that Bridesmaids is the highest-grossing Apatow-adjacent film ever, star and screenwriter Kristen Wiig has a little wiggle room to make her so-called “passion project.” Imogene tells the story of an NYC playwright who affects a suicide attempt to win back her boyfriend and is then forced to live under the custody of her gambler mother. Michelle Morgan wrote the screenplay, Wiig will executive produce and Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini (who together directed American Splendor, Wanderlust and Cinema Verite) will direct.

So, who should play Wiig’s gambling mom? Cybill Shepherd? Diane Keaton? Goldie Hawn?

 More details at the link.