Poster For Seth Rogen/Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cancer Comedy 50/50

This is not a gambling movie.

Well, I guess they’re sticking with that title after all. I was kind of hoping someone would have a sudden burst of inspiration, but 50/50 will be the staggeringly generic title for the Seth Rogen/Joseph Gordon-Levitt cancer dramedy from director Jonathan Levine. I liked the movie - it’s a very nice film - but 50/50 sounds like it could be about literally anything at all. I quite like the film’s original title, I’m With Cancer, although I can see how that wouldn’t ‘test’ well.

Anyway, Slashfilm has debuted the movie’s poster, which comes from a scene where Levitt, stricken with a cancer against which he has 50/50 odds, shaves his head while best friend Seth Rogen looks on.

What do you think? Does this sell the movie to you?