Set Visit Report: A Boozed Up Video From FINAL DESTINATION 5

Devin visits the set of FINAL DESTINATION 5, has some drinks, video blogs about it.

Last year I flew to lovely Vancouver, Canadia to visit the set of Final Destination 5, the latest film in the sprawling saga about complicated and gory demises. While I was there I spoke to many actors and director Steven Quale, who has been one of James Cameron’s right hand guys and who is bringing Cameron’s 3D expertise to the highly gimmicky (and I mean that in the best possible way) franchise.

I recorded a video blog with Steve from Collider at the bar of the Sutton Place Hotel, which is like the #1 place to see celebrities in the world. When we did this video Dolph Lundgren was just a couple of tables over from us, and Final Destination 5 (and Horrible Bosses) star PJ Byrne stopped in as well. We got PJ on video, but not Dolph.

And yes, I was buzzed when filming this. I’m not sure if that explains my spasmodic blinking.

Thanks to Steve for hosting this video and wrangling me in to doing it.

FINAL DESTINATION 5 Set Visit Video Blog from ColliderVideos on Vimeo.