Watch a behind the scenes clip from the Chinese historical action epic ten years in the making.

The world’s greatest action star, Donnie Yen, stars in Bodyguards & Assassins, a movie that took TEN YEARS to complete. An ass-kicking historical story, Bodyguards & Assassins is on DVD in the United States on July 26th. Here’s the official synopsis:

Sun Yat-sen is on the verge of merging the provinces to rise up against the Qing Dynasty. A secret planning meeting in the city of Victoria is set to take place, but it will all be for naught if they can’t get him in and out of the city in one piece. Word of his presence in the British Colony of Hong Kong, brings with it a trove of assassins with only an order to make sure he does not leave the city alive. The bodyguards work together knowing there isn’t freedom without sacrifice.

The motley crew of bodyguards includes Cantopop superstar Leon Lai (Seven Swords) as the opium addict trying to redeem himself from a family shame; Wang Xueqi (Warriors of Heaven and Earth) as the Tycoon, a secret sponsor of the revolution who is suddenly asked to compromise way beyond his comfort zone; Teen idol Nicholas Tse (The Medallion, Storm Warriors) as the rickshaw driver, a humble man following his heart and love for the family he serves; Tony Kai-fe Leung (L’Amant, The Missing) as the Revolutionary, who strives to protect Sun Yat-sen at all costs. Also featured, is former NBA player (Raptor’s, Spurs and Nuggets) Mengke Bateer as the honorable Tofu Vendor who uses his towering size and fighting skills to take on the highly trained assassins, led by Hu Jun (Red Cliff).

The epic film took ten years to complete (Documented in the film “Documentary Hell.”) including the construction of the biggest 1:1 scale set of Hong Kong ever built. Sun Yat-sen is known as the Founding Father of the Chinese Republic, and the main catalyst for the Xinhai Revolution of 1911 which saw the overthrow of the Qing Dynasty, the last imperial dynasty in China.

We have an exclusive clip with behind the scenes goodies, narrated by villain Hu Jun. Enjoy!