Mondo Brings Amazing Lost Canuck Oddity THINGS To VHS

The latest VHS release from Mondo Video is a bizarre and great Canadian shot-on-video horror film!

Mondo and Intervision are once again teaming up to release a limited edition VHS version of one of the latter’s DVD titles, and I think I might even have to snag one for myself. Following May’s VHS of Sledgehammer (which sold out pretty quickly), Mondo Video has announced that the gonzo, nearly indescribable Things will be released in the “late” format, coinciding with the special edition DVD, which is available today. Available now the Things collectible VHS, which includes the original poster art and vintage box copy, will be available exclusively at the Mondo Tees site. Says Intervision guru Evan Husney, “THINGS is the quintessential Canadian ‘homemade’ horror film and beneath its oozing outsider facade, lies a barrage of low-budget freakiness and transcendent surrealism earning its place in the new Intervision/Mondo Video cult canon.” I actually just watched the film over the weekend (review HERE) and believe you me - I’ve had to dig deep over the past four years to keep finding titles to meet my daily quota for Horror Movie A Day, and I have never seen anything even remotely like Things. Check out a clip below, or go in blind - either way, your movie-watching life will never be complete if you skip this one.

MONDO VIDEO PRESENTS “THINGS” LIMITED EDITION VHS from Intervision Picture Corp. on Vimeo.