JOHN CARTER Trailer Looks Lovely, Explains Little

The first teaser trailer for JOHN CARTER is lyrical but may leave some baffled.

Do you think an average person would watch the John Carter trailer (embedded below) and realize the dude’s on Mars? It looks a lot like a Cowboys & Aliens type thing, I think, and even the Red Martians have a sorta Native American vibe going on. Disney yanked the Of Mars out of the movie’s title, and they haven’t done much to put it in the trailer.

By the way, the song in the trailer is by Arcade Fire; someone set the song to clips from Once Upon a Time In the West and it got over 4 million views on YouTube - is that where Disney got the idea to use it here?

Double by the way: all the money they spent on the movie and THAT’s the fake beard they put on Taylor Kitsch? I know, I’m picking.