James Hong, Jenna Haze Appear In A Fleshlight Movie Together

A magical Fleshlight allows a virgin to impregnate a porn star. This is the actual premise!

Venerable James Hong - who sold eyeballs in Blade Runner and was David Lo Pan in Big Trouble in Little China - is appearing in Fleshlightning, a Fleshlight romcom. He plays an old curio shop owner who sells a desperate nerd virgin a magical Fleshlight that… allows him to impregnate porn star Jenna Haze long distance.

That’s weird. I’m not entirely sure why impregnating porn stars (upon whose vaginas Fleshlights are based) would be a selling point for the fuckwands, but what do I know about selling sex toys. Here’s the extended teaser trailer. I’m not entirely sure if there’s more to the thing than this, or if there really is some bizarre 90 minute Fleshlight movie out there…