Kevin Costner In Talks To Play A Serious Bad Guy In DJANGO UNCHAINED

You ready for a racist, cruel Costner? Quentin Tarantino is.

One of the best parts about a new Quentin Tarantino movie is seeing who QT will look to resurrect next. This time: Kevin Costner! The actor is in talks to play Ace Woody, the vicious and cruel trainer of pit-fighting slaves in Django Unchained.

This is a great role for Costner, whose career largely disappeared up his own ego a decade ago. He still works often enough, but he’s not been A-list for some time. A truly evil, sleazy turn here could be just what he needed. This won’t be his first bad guy part, but it could take him further from the gee whiz white bread feeling he’s had so many times before.

That makes Costner the secondary villain with Leonardo DiCaprio as the lead villain. Jamie Foxx will be playing Django.

via Deadline