Marvel Movies Get Awesome: STRIKEFORCE MORITURI Coming!

We who are about to die get our movie developed.

One of the most interesting Marvel comics of all time was Strikeforce Morituri, which took place outside of the main Marvel continuity and had a simply incredible premise: when aliens invade the Earth humans fight back by inventing a system to give people super powers. The drawback: you die a year after getting the powers, which is called the Morituri effect.

Strikeforce Morituri was a comic predicated on the concept that all your favorite characters would die, which is more than a little great.  Of course it didn’t last (despite being MASSIVELY advertised in Marvel comics, as any 1980s Marvel reader can tell you).

Now the comic is being developed as a movie with original creator Peter Gillis adapting his original work along with Connor Cochran. But before you get TOO excited, this isn’t Marvel Studios - it’s being developed at Waterman Entertainment, which is run by the guy who produced films like Alvin and the Chipmunks, Casper and Kull the Conqueror. A bad, bad track record. But since Morituri is SO different from all that stuff, maybe they’re branching out.

Don’t expect all the characters to die in the movie - by the time the comic ended they found a cure for the Morituri Effect, which really removed the whole point of the concept. But which makes a happy, franchisable end for the film!

via The Wrap