Bruce Campbell Will Be In The EVIL DEAD Remake, But Will Ash?

A Spanish-language paper reports intriguing details about the Chin’s involvement in the new EVIL DEAD.

Federico Alvarez, director of the Evil Dead remake, has spilled some beans about his film. Specifically, the Bruce Campbell beans. El Pais has this paraphrase in their interview with him (which means it could potentially just be the reporter drawing on web rumors):

The only recognizable face is part of Bruce Campbell, but will be in a cameo towards the end of the film. Another thing that will change the characters and some story details, while keeping the basic outline of friends who are beleaguered by demons in a cabin alone.

Could Bruce be playing Ash? It sounds, based on this Google Translated quote, like there won’t be a new Ash. Then Bruce shows up at the end… as Ash saving the day and preparing for the next Evil Dead? Making this film actually Evil Dead 4 - which would be pretty damn awesome, I think.

via Bleeding Cool.