Rhys Ifans Possibly Playing Someone In BOND 23

Add another name to the endless BOND 23 rumorcoaster.

This is late, but can you blame us? It’s often difficult to tell when Bond news is legit, as unsourced rumors traditionally fill up British papers just before production on a new EON film kicks into gear. But according to The Telegraph, Rhys Ifans is set to move from Sony’s Spider-Man reboot to join former onscreen make-out partner Daniel Craig for Bond 23.

On the heels of the recent news about the possible return of Moneypenny, fan casting for Ifans will immediately gravitate toward Q, which is fine if we’re going to have the character in the film. My own nerdy wish for Q is that he’s a guy who would be a field agent himself were it not for a failed psych evaluation, so he’s instead holed up in a basement making weird and cruel gadgets for the 00s to use. Ifans fits that nicely. More realistically, the casting of solid semi-names like Naomie Harris and Rhys Ifans indicate this Bond flick is going bigger and opening up Bond’s world a bit. But the grim-n-gritty crowd can take heart in the fact that Craig’s 007 is set to be traipsing around South Africa in this one.

Watch this space for more news, rumors and made-up tabloid gossip as it happens!