Trailer For AMAZING SPIDER-MAN BEGINS Now Actually Online

See him swing! See him climb! See him mope! See him in lots of darkly lit shots!

Quick on the heels of a shitty quality leak, Sony has put up the HD version of the trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man... and it’s not a real improvement. I don’t know if this trailer speaks to the film itself, but what it seems to be selling is a dark, mopey, Batman Begins-esque origin story. By which I mean not just dour but really extensive - in this case involving Peter Parker’s rarely bothered-with parents.

The only hope I have comes from that last section, the POV web-slinging stuff. While I don’t actually like that stuff - it looks way too video-gamey - I like that it’s at least brightly lit. Spider-Man is an angsty character, but angst is not the same as morose. There was always a weirdly upbeat vibe to Peter, even when he was most beaten down and ready to quit. I don’t like mopey Peter Parker, and this trailer sells the shit out of mopey Peter Parker. For those of you who thought Spider-Man 3 presented emo Spider-Man… THIS is emo Spider-Man, standing alone on the docks at sunset, looking longingly into the distance.

Please be bad marketing, please be bad marketing…