Comic Con 2011 Report: IN TIME Panel

Andrew Niccol’s heady, high concept Marxist scifi movie has footage online, and you can see it here.

Andrew Niccol’s In Time (this is maybe the third title - last I had heard it was called I Am Mortal) may have been one of the biggest surprises of this Comic Con. The film is a very high concept, very heavy handed story that uses scifi elements to examine the inequality of the distribution of wealth. Starring Justin Timberlake!

The concept: at the end of the 21st century we cured aging. You stop growing older at 25, but you also get a one year time limit to live. You can accrue more time, and now time is wealth - the richest men have centuries on them. But it turns out that those with the most time are conspiring to keep all the time in their own hands, to let the poor continue dying.

Timberlake is a guy who finds himself with a hundred years all of sudden, upsetting the balance of things and Cillian Murphy is the dude tasked with hunting him down. Amanda Seyfried is the richie rich girl who Timberlake takes as a hostage, and probably falling in love with her. You know how this goes.

The footage is actually online, and you can watch it below. I really like this - it seems like Niccol thought this out very well (for example all the tech is today’s because once we conquered aging we sort of quit inventing), and I’m interested in seeing what the world he’s created is like.