Badass Broadcast: The Adventures of Harry Potter, Jr.

It’s Harry Potter Jr, and he’s battling trolls in these clips from… TROLL.

It’s been a couple weeks. The world is moving on. But no matter how well-crafted and emotionally satisfying HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2 was, the knowledge that there will be no more adventures for the Boy Who Lived is likely to leave one feeling crestfallen and hopeless. Well, great news everybody! Albus Severus Potter wasn’t HP’s only kid! Check out this clip of Harry Potter Jr., whose adventures will be chronicled in the upcoming film TROLL. Not sure where the studio heads are going with that title. It’s even more baffling than JOHN CARTER or HUGO. But I’m going to trust them on this one. They’ve handled this series well so far.

The Adventures of Harry Potter, Jr. from Badass Digest on Vimeo.