Harrison Ford To Play Wyatt Earp

What if Wyatt Earp went up against Al Capone? This movie aims to find out.

One of the few good things I can say about Cowboys & Aliens is that Harrison Ford seems actually, honestly engaged in what he’s doing, something that’s quite rare these days. Maybe the period stuff brings out the best in him. So that means maybe he’ll be good in Black Hats, a movie based on a novel by Max Allan Collins that has a pretty great premise:

Black Hats blends fact with fiction in its telling of the story involving an older Earp, the one who spent his last years as a private detective and movie consultant in Los Angeles. The spin involves Earp learning that his friend and compatriot Doc Holliday had a son, now living in Prohibition-era New York City. While Holliday is long dead, the son has gotten himself in trouble with a rising mobster, Al Capone.

Earp teams up with Bat Masterson, one of his former deputies and now noted sportswriter for the New York Morning Telegraph, to take on the gang in what becomes a tale of six-shooters versus tommy guns.

Ford will be the elderly Wyatt Earp, assuming he makes the movie. Nobody attaches and unattaches from movies quite like Ford - and the better the movie sounds, the faster he is to run away from it.

But just in case you thought this sounded too good to be true, Kurt Johnstad, whose only real credit as a writer is 300, will be adapting.

via Heat Vision