No Human Would Smudge Glass Like This, It Must Be Bigfoot

Smudge evidence indicates Bigfoot may be peeping inside our cars! With video!

There’s a lot to love in this video. It’s from the Sanger Paranormal Society, and it’s Bigfoot related. These guys went out to look for Bigfoot, as they have for 8 1/2 years, at a high Bigfoot-activity location. But when they got there two of the cars broke down and a snow storm came in; they left the two cars and returned two days later to pick them up only to find them…. SMUDGED! Yes, smudged by what they think is a Bigfoot.

What I love about this video:

1) Their beards (especially the guy in the back with the big white beard)

2) The camera guy falling down

3) The revelation that Bigfoot is so greasy he leaves giant smudges on windows whenever he gets near them (must be Italian)