Tom Hardy Says Being In THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Is Like Working At Starbucks

The new Bane feels like a barista.

I like Tom Hardy’s honesty. What he says in an interview with HitFix is any different from what we all assume the truth to be, but he says it with clarity and without bitterness. Yes, The Dark Knight Rises is a money making deal for him. No, he doesn’t see it as a particularly artistic gig, although he hopes he can do something interesting amidst all the corporate sameness of the work.

Say Hardy:

There’s a formula here, you can’t muck around with it. There’s a lot of rules, you’re restrained in many ways as an artist. But then you’re also grateful because of the huge exposure and the paycheck.

Or the not-paycheck ‘cause they’re making you a stahhh. Whatever it is, you’re paying an entrance to getting higher exposure. These movies are huge vehicles to make a lot of money… and make a large audience happy. So now you’re at the very top level of trying to bring character work in a boutique way to something that is, y’know, Starbucks.

Starbucks! I’m wondering how the Dark Knight faithful will take that. They surely though their franchise was at least Jamba Juice or something.