TALES FROM THE CRYPT Might Return To TV… But Not As An Anthology

Are you ready for the Adventures of the Crypt Keeper?

With the recent trend in anthology horror films I’ve been thinking a lot about HBO’s wonderful Tales from the Crypt show; it was perfectly low rent, and when the episodes worked they were amazing. Of course some were duds, but it wasn’t like every single story that came out of the EC factory was a classic. In fact I’ve been kind of hoping a complete series set would be released on DVD or Blu.

Now Tales may be coming back… but not in a form you would expect. Instead it’ll be an hour long NON-ANTHOLOGY show. What the GASP! *CHOKE*! indeed. How the hell will THAT work? Beats me, but Deadline has this quote from Andrew Cosby, not one of the good Cosbys but rather one of the guys behind Eureka, a show that no real people actually watch, who is working on this new Tales from the Crypt:

“It will be an ongoing series that uses characters from the comic books in a more modern context.”

What? There are three characters in the comic books: The Crypt Keeper, The Old Witch and The Vault Keeper. You’re going to make an hour long TV show about these “people?”

Hey, I’m not being down on the show. It could be cool. It could be so cutting edge that I simply can’t wrap my head around how you do an hour long non-anthology version that uses the only recurring characters from the comics. This could be the next great thing. It has Gil Adler, producer of the original series, on board, and I like Gil quite a bit. He once told me a really great Groucho Marx story.

Anyway, they’re just putting the show together now and will be pitching to networks and cable stations. I’ll be following this one semi-closely.

Thanks to Brian Henne for the link.