The Mysterious Prophetic Headstone of Sherman Oaks

A mysterious tombstone appears, predicting the death of one Dr. Jeffrey Lang!

Beware, Dr. Jeffrey Lang, beware! A headstone bearing your name has popped up in a vacant lot next to a Sherman Oaks, California apartment building and it lists your death year as 2012.

The headstone, reading

Loving Husband, Father & Physician
Jeffrey Lang

popped up seemingly overnight  last week, discovered by a woman out walking her dog at 1am. She thought it was a movie prop at first, but it seems that the tombstone is the real marble deal. There’s no Jeffrey Lang at the complex, and there is no Lang listed with the Medical Board of California with that birth date.

So what the heck? Is it a threat? A warning from the future? Or did a headstone carver just royally fuck up the inscription and thought it would be funny to dump it in a lot?

via Patch