Watch The $10 Million Deleted Opening From SUPERMAN RETURNS

Didn’t buy the SUPERMAN ANTHOLOGY Blu set? Now you can watch Kal-El visit Krypton.

This scene appeared on the Superman Anthology Blu-Ray, but if you’re anything like me you didn’t buy that, and so it’s new to you. This is the original opening of Superman Returns, which finds Supes visiting the ruins of Krypton, and which legend tells us cost a cool ten million. That’s more money for these five minutes than all of Reservoir Dogs! Is this the most expensive deleted scene in history? I believe it must be.

Watching this I can understand why the scene was cut - it has nothing to do with the rest of the movie in plot or tone. This scene pays off in no way, feels completely different from everything that comes after and also kind of makes no sense. Why is there a huge Superman shield burned into the side of the ruins of Krypton? Am I missing something? This feels like the opening of a movie that would feature other Kryptonians, not yet another movie about Lex Luthor trying to make money in real estate.

I will tell you this: this is the opening of a Superman movie I would be interested in seeing. If the rest of the movie followed from it, that is.

via The Hollywood Reporter