Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nothin’ To Intern Wit’

College credits rule everything around me.

Do you have good communications skills? Are you a go-getter? Are you a master of chess boxing? If so, you could be interning for the Wu-Tang Clan. Their Craigslist ad:

Wu-Tang Management Internship

About the Company

Wu-Tang Management is a multi-faceted independent management company that was established in 1993 with our headquarters in Staten Island New York. After the tremendous international success of the first group released, the famed Wu-Tang Clan, we have gone down in history as the only management company to manage the entire Wu-Tang Clan, and in doing so, brought them from being a local group to international super stars. We have a very active schedule so there are numerous opportunities to be involved in. Duties vary greatly according to current priorities. The below listed tasks describe possible duties for open positions in Marketing and Promotions department; we also have a video production department and a radio station. We’re only looking for serious, hardworking and ambitious candidates who work well with others and have a love for music or the entertainment industry in general.

What we are looking for:
Excellent written communication skills, with ability to communicate with diverse audiences
Interest in the music/entertainment industry
Professional demeanor
Experience with social networking (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Ning, Blogspot, etc.)
Well organized with attention to detail and ability to carry out tasks independently
Ability to meet deadlines

Roles and Responsibility:
online research of music blogs and social networking
expansion of online fan base
composing correspondence
Maintenance of companies social networks (Wu-World.com, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
tracking progress of promotion campaigns
telephone marketing and radio promotions
posting of content (Wu-World.com, YouTube, Vimeo, Flickr, etc.)
data mining and organization of content
e-mail blasting

Wu-Tang Management (Staten Island Office)
Contact Amar: 508-373-6262 or 718-887-9562

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