You Have To Be Shitting Me: RED STATE Does Awards Eligibility Run At New Bev In LA

I support this only based on the idea that the New Bev is probably making a dime or two on it.

Kevin Smith will be playing his terrible new movie Red State at LA’s New Beverly Cinema for a week in August for - get this! - an Oscar qualifying run. Mind boggling. But it gets better. Smith will be charging TWENTY DOLLARS for the screening and a Q&A. This is at a theater where you get DOUBLE FEATURES, often with Q&As, for seven bucks.

The New Beverly Cinema is one of the greatest movie theaters in the world, and their double features for seven bucks is probably the single best movie bargain in these United States. Even their concessions are super cheap - spending a night at the New Bev is the smartest, most cost-conscious way to be entertained and become a better movie buff. I’ve been to the New Beverly and paid 7 dollars to see two movies and have Q&As from Edgar Wright, David Lynch, Walter Hill, Peter Bogdanovich, Joe Dante, and many, many more incredible and hugely talented filmmakers. Seven bucks for those people. And two movies.

So please, if you’re in LA or visiting LA, make sure to visit the New Beverly Cinema - it will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. Click here for their website. They’re playing Days of Heaven and Badlands tonight. Seven bucks one admission and you get BOTH movies! And no Kevin Smith.

Anyway, an Oscar run for Red State. Read my review right here. This is such an ugly joke. Maybe Smith will be selling the sneakers with his face in them at the event.

via Slashfilm.