Borders Line: Who Else Is Stoked For Heckerling’s VAMPS?

I’ve been bored with vampires since before being bored with vampires was cool. And yet? I can’t wait for Amy Heckerling’s VAMPS.

But Vamps has more than Heckerling in its favor. Leads Alicia Silverstone and Krysten Ritter seem ideally cast as two sassy, spunky vampire chicks. Silverstone has never been better than in Heckerling’s Clueless, and Ritter is a bright, quirky actress whom I’ve been hoping to see in more significant roles.

But I’m even more enamored of the idea of the peerless Sigourney Weaver as a vampire queen. In addition to being a splendid actress and a consummate badass, Weaver’s comic timing is impeccable. Among other roles, Weaver’s Gwen in Galaxy Quest is an inspired bit of hilarity.

Everything about this pic cracks me up: the Spanish For Dummies book, the weird-ass clothes, Ritter’s primly bored expression, Weaver’s hilariously sultry pose.

Another brilliant piece of casting: Malcolm McDowell is playing Vlad the…Chef?

The tertiary cast is also great. Richard Lewis, cutie Dan Stevens (of Downton Abbey!) and Marilu Henner are all in the film, as are two flawless comedic actors who should be ubiquitous, the great Wallace Shawn and Kristen Johnston as Dr. and Mrs. Van Helsing. Yes! I know!

A whole slew of pics, as well as plot details and other scoop, were recently posted to the Vamps Facebook page. The release date is nebulous (2012? Maybe?), but I’m optimistic, despite Heckerling’s miserable luck with I Could Never Be Your Woman. Trust, I know that vampires are passé and it’s possible that Amy Heckerling is, too. But I’m rooting for this one to be a win for a writer and director I’ve always admired.