Henri Attacks the Block

Henri chats with Joe Cornish and John Boyega about all the things that attack blocks..

By now you already know that Attack the Block is the best alien invasion movie of the summer. Hopefully you either live in a city that’s playing it this weekend or you’ve made plans to leave your small town behind and drive to the closest block where you can check out this gem asap.

Joe Cornish and John Boyega left their sleepy hamlet of London this month, and I had a chance to sit down with them when they came through Austin. The conversation got a little spoilery at times because I couldn’t stop gushing, but we edited that part out. The only spoilers you’ll get are a sneak at John talking a bit like Moses, but that’s just awesome.

Side note: I had the *hilarious* idea of opening the interview by telling them that my American ears couldn’t understand any of what they were saying, but I’ll be the first to admit that that idea was funnier on paper than in actuality. So feel free to skip past the first 20 seconds of this, and enjoy: