Reign Of The Douchebags: Prepare For An ENTOURAGE Movie

The people behind HBO’s biggest show for males aged Ed Hardy threaten a movie.

I was hoping the final season of HBO’s Entourage would be Vincent Chase and friends locked in a room, forced to kill and eat each other over the course of 12 half hours. I guess not, because show runner Doug Ellin insists they’re making a movie. You can blame Todd Phillips for this one, by the way.

“If I had to finance it myself, I would do it,” executive producer Mark Wahlberg said during the TCA session dedicated to Entourage’s final season, says Deadline. “I’ve been telling Doug, The Hangover is to me very much like Entourage, and look at all the recent success of R-rated movies.”

This is actually an interesting misreading of The Hangover. While not great art, the premise of The Hangover is that these guys are being essentially cosmically punished for being enormous douchebags. The entire premise of Entourage is that God smiles down upon douchebaggery at every turn. Let’s put it this way: The Hangover is like Entourage with some sort of conflict.

Anyway, Ellin says it’s all but a go at this point. “We’re going to do a movie,” he said. “We’re going to do it, the questing [sic] is when and how quickly. Hopefully we’ll come down with an idea and make it happen.”

‘Come down with’ is fitting wording for a property where all the leads should be wasting away from syphillis.

By the way, at the rate that Jeremy Piven’s hair is miraculously growing back he should be a full-on silverback gorilla in the film version.