DIE HARD 5 To Be DIE HARD In A Kremlin

As the dollar drops, John McClane seeks some rubles in DIE HARD 5.

Twitch is reporting that the fifth Die Hard film is getting closer to production, and that there’s even a story. Well, maybe not a story, but certainly a setting: Russia! That’s right, Badass Hall of Fame member John McClane will, for the first time ever, be heading out of the country.

Don’t look for Mary Elizabeth Winstead to be doing a lot in this one, though, as Twitch’s sources say that it’s McClane and son this time around - possibly setting up a franchise hand-off?

Taking McClane out of the country has been kicked around for years; at one point Tears of the Sun was going to be basically Die Hard In A Jungle, but ended up being a different film altogether. There’s no director on Die Hard 5 right now, but Twitch says the shockingly bland John Moore (Max Payne, the  Omen remake) is the leading contender for the job. Imagine looking back at Len Wiseman fondly!