The Latest 80s Horror Remake Will Make Your Head Explode

Alex Aja wants to bring SCANNERS… to TV.

Serial remaker Alexandre Aja (he of The Hills Have Eyes and Piranha 3D resuscitations) is at it again, this time going after David Cronenberg’s Scanners. The difference here is that Aja and producing partners Dimension Films are taking their reheated tale of telepaths, corporate espionage, and guys who look like Frank Oz exploding straight to television as a weekly series. Aja is in talks to direct the pilot, so at least one hour will be worth checking out.

Seems futile to get worked up about any remakes at this point, and since Cronenberg’s 1981 film accidentally spawned a slew of terrible sequels and spin-offs, Aja and the Weinsteins don’t have much of a legacy to live up to. If I’m taking off my nostalgia goggles and being totally honest, I have to admit that even the original is the weakest of Cronenberg’s early films, a series of amazing set pieces where the director’s ideas were under-served by a lackluster (read: super-Canadian) execution and a mostly terrible cast (Michael Ironside and Patrick McGoohan excepted, of course). I still love it, but it’s not an untouchable classic.

More good news: this effectively kills the theatrical remake David Goyer was batting around for a while.

via Deadline