How Many Films Have You Seen From “The Spielberg Curriculum?”

Check your movie knowledge against Spielberg’s List.

There is a Google doc that supposedly lists the 206 movies you need to have seen in order to throw down with Steven Spielberg. Looking at some of the people he’s worked with in recent years (hell, this year alone), I wonder how much of a stickler he is for making sure people have seen all of these movies.

The list isn’t particularly esoteric, but it’s a solid list nonetheless, even if it has nothing to do with Spielberg. I especially like how it has more than just the obvious films; too often we divide movies up into Great Films and Bad Films, but there is a whole country in between them. This list is filled with totally solid, really good films.

How many have you seen? I’m at 129 - maybe I couldn’t hang with old Spielbergo after all.

(By the way: I truly doubt this list is legit, but it’s a good list. It’s also helpfully coded to let you know which films are on Netflix Instant!)

Click here for the list.

via JoBlo