LIKE CRAZY Trailer Could Use A New Sound Mix Like Crazy

This Sundance winning emo sob story gets a trailer designed to make us understand how the deaf experience life.

Like Crazy, the Sundance winning film from indie dude Drake Doremus, looks like a movie I could either hate or love. If it’s as painfully earnest and mopey as this first trailer indicates, I’ll probably hate it. If it has a sense of humor and isn’t just an indie version of a Nicholas Sparks movie, maybe I’ll like it. It does look like a movie for people who dwell on shit, though.

Also, I can’t understand a word being said in the trailer. It’s unbelievable to me that a major studio would release a trailer with a sound mix as truly bad as this one. And it isn’t just the YouTube embed - listen  to the HD Apple version and see if you can make out half of what’s being said under the oh so twee cover of Fools Rush In.