We Need A GIF From This Terrible Trailer For ARENA

Samuel L. Jackson gets funky in this bad, bad trailer.

As if the concept of the direct to video movie Arena wasn’t lazy enough, the film is the SIXTEENTH movie or short to use that title. And some of the previous films have been essentially the exact same movie anyway. What’s most intriguing about Arena is that the cast is better than your average DTV flick (not counting the horrible Kellan Lutz, whose name sounds like a Yiddish comedy character), with Samuel L Jackson and Daniel Dae Kim (as well as the cool Jason Mears showing up), but that’s not intriguing enough to actually WATCH this badly CGIed thing.

The best part of the trailer, though, comes at about 1:24, when Sam L. is dancing. Somebody .gif that up for me, STAT!

via the Twitter feed of @Schofizzy