You Won’t Believe This Amazing Superego Audio Interview With H.R. Giger

Mostly because it’s brilliant sketch comedy.

Superego is a great comedy podcast. I’ll be honest - I have a hard time with some comedy podcasts that sort of sound like Morning Zoo drivetime stuff, so I love that Superego is sketch comedy. Improvised sketch comedy at that! Every episode of Superego is filled with smartly silly stuff that makes you laugh very, very hard.

But I think they might have outdone themselves with their version of H.R. Giger. They first did Giger as part of their regular ‘Case Studies’ sketches, and anyone who has heard the man being interviewed will recognize just how totally right they got him. I’ve listened to this bit again and again and I never stop laughing. Dino-SAUERS!

[audio:|titles=H.R. Giger 1]

And then they followed that up with this peek into the homelife of H.R. Giger as his son comes to him looking for a signature on a permission slip. I would actually watch a sitcom featuring this set up…

[audio:|titles=H.R. Giger 2]

So great. You should be subscribed to Superego’s podcast, where they often have amazing guests like Patton Oswalt, James Urbaniak, Paul F. Tompkins and more. Click here for their site.