Alex Aja To Remake Everything, Including PET SEMATARY

The director of HIGH TENSION might bring cats back to life for Paramount.

Just this weekend we told you that Alexandre Aja was working on a Scanners TV show; this would make the majority of his IMDB credits remakes, as he’s already done The Hills Have Eyes, Piranha 3D and Mirrors. And he’s not done there. According to Twitch, he’s in line to direct the remake of Pet Sematary for Paramount.

Aja is trying to get a manga adaptation, Cobra the Space Pirate, off the ground, but he has no financing in place yet. Working on Pet Sematary in the meantime could earn him some money and, should the film do well, earn him some financing. Paramount is apparently hot to get him on the film.

Whatever happened to Aja? Whether or not you like the ending of High Tension, that film is expertly made right up until the twist. He showed real chops there, chops he’s never quite replicated again. And he’s also not done an original project since then. I really hoped that Aja would be one of the next great horror filmmakers, but he seems content to just keep doing studio remake junk.