New Version Of LIKE CRAZY Trailer Now Actually Comprehensible

No need for a hearing aid, grampa, Paramount has provided us with a fixed up version of the trailer for the Anton Yelchin weepie.

After I ran the trailer for Drake Doremus’ Like Crazy yesterday I was contacted by Paramount. They told me a new version, with corrected audio, was coming. And now it has come! It is here! And I can hear! Most of it, anyway. I think Like Crazy is a touch mumblecore, so maybe you’re not supposed to understand every single word. But now I can hear enough to no longer be confused and angered and worried about the state of my hearing.

I talked a little shit on the picture yesterday and many people came out of the woodwork to tell me I’m wrong. That’s my favorite thing, to be honest; I love being proved wrong about movies when I’m skeptical of them. All I want in my job is to like every single movie I see.