Hilarious Badass Melissa McCarthy To Host SNL

All-around awesome person Melissa McCarthy is hosting SNL this season, and all of a sudden I feel the need to stay home on a Saturday night.

Oh man, this is so great! Melissa McCarthy, the lady I grew to love as spazzy Sookie St. James on The Gilmore Girls and then grew to worship as spazzier Megan on Bridesmaids, will host the second ep of this season’s Saturday Night Live (according to Lorne Michaels via NYT).

I’m delighted that McCarthy is finally getting her due as one of the funniest and most likeable actors in Hollywood. This episode will be highly slumber party worthy, trust. I am actually going to stay home on a Saturday night and watch it live, like some legit junior high realness. So who’s with me? Meet you at my place on October 1, 2011. I will have beer and baked goods. You get the pizza though, okay? I’m not made of money.