Paul Schrader And Bret Easton Ellis To Feed The Rich To Sharks In BAIT

Honestly, this is probably the biggest news story of the day.

A man who hates the rich gets a job at a hoity toity yacht club (as opposed to a downmarket one) and schemes to take a crew full of coddled wealthy types into shark infested water and turn them into… Bait!

That’s a helluva concept. It’s from the pen of Bret Easton Ellis, and it will be directed by Paul Schrader. Ellis is, of course, the yuppie era poet laureate, author of Less Than Zero and American Psycho. Schrader is the Crazy Calvinist who wrote Taxi Driver and Raging Bull and directed Hardcore and Cat People and Afflicition. Schrader will be rewriting Ellis’ script.

The film is supposed to shoot this September in Puerto Rico, and will be Schrader’s first film since the hard sell Holocaust movie Adam Resurrected. There’s a gleeful meanness to the concept that I like, and which feels like it will bring out the best of both these men. I’d like to be in the room when these two have their meetings, one the scion of a wealthy California family, the other a midwesterner brought up in a religious fanatic family where he couldn’t see a movie until the age of 18. I feel like Ellis’ nihilistic ennui and Schrader’s deterministic morality might just meet up nicely.

via the Hollywood Reporter