Let’s Over-Analyze The First Picture Of Superman From THE MAN OF STEEL

I’d like to discuss Superman’s posture in this first picture. Seriously, I would.

So what do you think? Here’s what I think: okay. It looks, more or less, like Superman. But here are my nitpicks:

1) His hair. Where’s the S-curl? I’m not really sure why he has Pat Riley hair.

2) His costume is, once again, overly textured. It’s like he went to a Hollywood costume designer to make it for him, and the Hollywood costume designer, always looking to make shit as busy as humanly possible, covered it with useless texture. If this is anything like the Superman Returns costume, which also had useless texture, we’ll barely notice it in the final film.

3) His posture. This is a weird first image to release because Superman’s posture is not a traditionally heroic one. He’s bent over and half-shadowed. This could be because they’re hiding his red underwear (or lack thereof) or this could be a deliberate attempt to set a psychological tone that is different from the usual puffed-chest heroics of other Superman images. Or maybe they just really liked this picture and nobody gave a second thought to the larger psychological meaning of having your first image of the new Superman being him almost stalking through wreckage.