Marvel Goes To Space With GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY In Development

Outer space action in the mighty Marvel manner, coming to theaters?

One of the most offbeat (and cool, for my money) elements of the Marvel Universe is the Guardians of the Galaxy. Set in the 31st century, Guardians of the Galaxy is a team book about a space-faring group made up of beings from planets enslaved by the evil Badoon race. Among them is Vance Astro, a modern day astronaut who was in cryogenic sleep for ten centuries. Other members of the team include a strong guy from Jupiter and a crystalline guy from Pluto - it’s a real old-fashioned group of weird aliens. At least that’s the original team; there’s one running around the current Marvel Universe as well that I don’t know as much about. It’s made up of a lot of modern Marvel cosmic heavy-hitters like Adam Warlock and Drax the Destroyer.

Anyway, Twitch is reporting that Marvel Studios is moving ahead with development on a Guardians of the Galaxy movie. It’s unclear which team the film would be about, but I suspect that the original 31st century team might be a better movie, and could allow more fun and oblique tie-ins and guest spots than a modern day version. Vance Astro carries Captain America’s shield, for instance. Whichever version they go with, a Guardians of the Galaxy movie seems like a toy bonanza…