Thread Report: New Era, Actual Pain, Мишка, Skull And Bones Boys Club and More

Rounding out your badass lifestyle with some highlights on what’s new in the world of streetwear, graphic tees and indie brand labels.

Nostalgia hounds rejoice! A closer look at the all over print of these New Era caps and you’ll see they’re based on the original Transformers cartoons and not the recent series of Bayhem films. The two different versions feature Autobots and Decepticons with the corresponding logos embroidered on the back. The only place to find these is at Amazingstore in Japan, but I’m pretty sure they can ship overseas.

ACTUAL PAIN - Summer Collection

Actual Pain has made their summer collection of graphic tees called All of them Witches available at their online store. Even if the witchcraft isn’t your steez, you gotta agree that the intense imagery and dedication to black, white and cream is quite beautiful. The whole line manages to subvert occult stereotypes by making the designs look high end while still injecting some evil. Even the typographic designs are ready to stick a pitchfork in your eye.

Мишка - Fall 2011 Teaser Video

My all-time favorite streetwear brand Мишка has teased their fall collection with a video featuring British music all-stars repping the new line. Watch below:


If you like your graphic tees mixed with a little death metal then this new brand out of Sheffield should do the trick. Called Skull And Bones Boys Club they’re already turning heads with the Dr. Dre graphic tee below called “Dre Burns Churches….Bitch”.

ORIGINALFAKE - Product Recall

The KAWS-powered clothing label, OriginalFake, has just unveiled this new “Product Recall” tee. Available in almost every color, the shirt is available now over at the OriginalFake online store for ¥7,000 JPY (approximately $90 USD).

FALSE BRAND - Two New Collections

This original handmade, hand-screened and hand-finished brand by Le Messie and Amanda S. has debuted two new collections called “The Black Bloc” and “The Ancien Call”. Their production methods use classic techniques from silkscreening and their construction methods are individually suited to each garment. Besides that though is the rich imagery and deep meaning behind the graphics that make these collections truly unique.