It Looks Like Ray Park IS Back For GI JOE 2

The former Darth Maul will be returning as the Joe’s silent ninja in GI JOE 2: RETALIATION.

Recent coverage of GI Joe 2: Retaliation has been confusing, stating that only Channing Tatum’s Duke was returning for the sequel. I couldn’t figure out why the hell the filmmakers wouldn’t bring back Ray Park as Snake Eyes; a) the character is one of the most enduringly popular GI Joe characters and b) there’s no way Park costs that much. And since the character has no dialogue, why not?

It turns out that Park IS back for Retaliation, according to his Twitter feed. Says Ray:

[blackbirdpie url=“!/rayparkaction/status/100684937518264320”]

So just in case you were worried, Snake Eyes is back and it will again be Ray Park under the mask. Maybe they can get rid of the fucking lips on said mask this time.