Mighty Marvel Mystery Movies In 2014

Marvel and Disney announce two films for summer 2014, but they don’t tell anybody what they are.

At the rate we’re going I don’t think anybody should make any plans for 2014 beyond ‘Forage for food,’ but Disney is feeling good about the future, and so they’ve set release dates for two Marvel movies in 2014. But they can’t just do like every other studio in town does, announcing release dates for films that haven’t even begun pre-production (Sony has set The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for 2014 and they haven’t even finished the first one yet!) - no, Disney and Marvel are laying claim to dates but don’t even have movies to announce for them yet.

Yet. The two dates are May 16th and June 27th. We know what movies these won’t be: Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 are scheduled for 2013. I have to assume that June 27th is Captain America 2 - this allows them to push the movie all over again for the July 4th weekend - but what’s May 16th? My guess is Dr. Strange, which is Kevin Feige’s number one dream movie. That said, Runaways might be further along than Strange, so who knows.

What’s interesting is that these are just the summer dates. Will Marvel break out of the summer blockbuster mold under Disney? Feige wants to, and from conversations I’ve had with him in the past I know that he’d like to see Marvel movies hitting every season. Maybe Dr. Strange is seen as more of a winter film, hitting around the holidays.

Make your guess on Marvel’s mystery movies below.