The surprisingly good Matthew McConaughey lawyer movie could become a TV series.

ABC is making a TV series out of The Lincoln Lawyer, the recent sleeper hit Matthew McConaughey movie that I liked quite a bit (my review). The film was based on a book by Michael Connelly, who has actually written a whole bunch of novels about the titular lawyer, ‘real’ name Mickey Haller.

Watching The Lincoln Lawyer I kept thinking I wanted to see this as a TV show; I loved the character, I loved his style (his office is the backseat of a Lincoln Continental, thus the title) and I loved his Kato, Earl the driver. The relationship between the two wasn’t the focus of the movie, but I could really seeing it being the driving factor of a TV show.

Michael Connolly will be developing the show along with the film’s screenwriter, John Romano. They’re just writing a pilot script, but I wonder what their pitch is. Will the show be serialized and based on  the Haller books, or will it be a week to week kind of thing, where Mickey is taking a new case every episode. I kind of prefer that old-fashioned format, personally.

via Variety