Bruce Willis May Join GI JOE As The First Real American Hero

Bruce Willis could play the man who founded the GI Joe team.

Who was the original GI Joe? It turns out that he was a guy named Joe Colton, who formed the “ULTIMATE  freedom fighting force” (emphasis Wikipedia’s, not mine) under John F. Kennedy. That force became known as GI Joe, which was also Colton’s code name.

Basically Colton was a way of creating a continuity for the original GI Joe doll, which was like a military Barbie in the 60s. Colton only ever really appeared in the comics, and his origin story hit right before Marvel canceled the series.

But Colton returns! And Heat Vision reports that he’s probably going to be played by Bruce Willis in GI Joe 2: Retaliation. The weirdest part: if they keep the gist of Colton’s origin, he’ll probably found GI Joe under Reagan, possibly with Oliver North. Maybe he’ll be smuggling drugs out of Central America and selling them in South Central! You know, to support anti-Communist guerillas.

Does the addition of The Rock and Bruce Willis go a long, long way towards changing your mind on the GI Joe sequel?