Fantastic Fest Announces The 2011 Altered States Bumper Contest

You weird, crazy and awesome bumper could play before films at this year’s Fantastic Fest. Find out how!

It’s that time again! Every year Fantastic Fest hosts a bumper creation where we invite YOU to create the most outrageous thirty second video that you can come up with. We use as many entries as we can and put them on screen at the start of each screening during the festival with the goal of making sure that unlike *other* festivals the audiences at Fantastic Fest don’t have to sit through the same 6 or 7 bumpers over and over and over again.

Your bumper can go in almost any direction you can imagine, but we have three ground rules:

1. The theme this year is Altered States. Feel free to interpret that how you wish.
2. The video must be between 15 seconds and 45 seconds.
3. The last line of dialogue or narration in the video must be, “That’s fantastic!”

Check out some of last year’s favorite entries here for inspiration and get cracking!

This year’s entries are due by Monday, September 5th, and you can deliver them to us via the Internet by filling out the form at this page.