This Won’t Be Your Father’s WORLD WAR Z

The WORLD WAR Z movie will bear little resemblance to the WORLD WAR Z book.

Max Brooks’ World War Z always felt uniquely unqualified for a movie adaptation. It’s a fictional oral history of a zombie epidemic, and how it impacts the globe, and it’s told through disparate and unconnected POVs. It’s a great concept, and it always seemed the only way to do the concept justice would be to make a mock-doc out of it, complete with ‘stock footage’ and talking heads.

But that’s not how you make a Hollywood movie, dammit! The synopsis for the World War Z movie, being released in December of 2012, is now out, and it shows a huge difference from the book:

The story revolves around United Nations employee Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt), who traverses the world in a race against time to stop the Zombie pandemic that is toppling armies and governments and threatening to decimate humanity itself. Mireille Enos plays Gerry’s wife Karen Lane; Andre Kertesz is his comrade in arms, Segen.

Well, that’s super different from the book! The UN guy in the book is traveling AFTER the war is over, gathering the oral histories. He’s certainly not an action hero trying to accomplish much of anything.

But seriously, what did you expect? I bet Brad Pitt finds the cure for zombies by the end of the film.

via Bleeding Cool