Meet Hunter, a man armed with a webcam and a determination to expose NASA’s lies about aliens.

Deep in an Orlando basement sits a 27-year-old passionate believer. Adorned with fantastical UFO apparel, he is armed with a webcam and determined to form an online guerilla movement in protest of NASA’s rumored knowledge of extraterrestrials and alien technology. Meet Hunter, whose profane pontifications against NASA have led him to spawn a vlog series nine installments long (and growing daily) appropriately titled “F### NASA.”

According to Hunter, who plans to create 1,000 videos on his YouTube channel, NASA is lying to the human race and diverting the public’s attention to their “s### space station” orbiting the Earth. “No wonder you (NASA) are broke, no wonder nobody cares about your f###ing piece of s### space progress because you keep lying to the human race!” “You want support?” Hunter demands of the government agency whose annual budget was recently cut by Obama back in February, “tell the truth to the human race and you will see how much f###ing support you will see (sic).”

Hunter’s YouTube channel, launched in January, 2011, is where the “F### NASA Army,” bases its operations complete with a dedicated user base rapidly gaining curious followers and amassing contributing response videos. Hunter’s mission has inspired him to generate anti-NASA apparel, such as his baseball cap pictured in the above video. Daily updates on Hunter’s channel include the heated believer breaking a sledgehammer over a NASA endorsed DVD boxset, a trip to the local mall to design and pick-up a safe-for-work “FUKC NASA” embroidered hat, and a combative reaction to the villainous portrayal of aliens in Hollywood movies such as Jon Favreau’s Cowboys & Aliens.

Hunter has ambitious plans for the expansion of his anti-NASA movement, including merchandise for the public and his followers. Badass Digest will be closely reporting the developments of his persistent crusade to uncover the truth.