Joe Lynch And Adam Green Are Making… A Sitcom?

The directors of WRONG TURN 2 and HATCHET are starring in a sitcom for FEARnet.

This is pretty weird. Joe Lynch and Adam Green, two of the luminaries of the youngish (they’re pretty old guys, to be honest. Like well over 30. Young turks no more) horror director scene, are creating FEARnet’s first original TV show…. and it’s a sitcom called Holliston.

via The Hollywood Reporter:

Created by Green (Frozen), the series is set in Holliston, MA, and revolves around Adam and Joe, two friends with dreams of becoming successful horror movie filmmakers who struggle to make ends meat in their post-college jobs at a Boston cable-access station where they also host a late-night movie show called The Movie Crypt.

“This is a show built on the memories and real-life experiences of our post-college days, wrapped in a shroud of wrongness, packed full of movie quotes and genre references, and topped off with plenty of jokes at the expense of our real-life friends and industry associates,” Green said. “No other network would have the guts to make this show; we’re pushing the boundaries of television.  I mean, what other sitcom on television includes exploding heads and an imaginary alien friend who lives in the closet? We plan to really turn the traditional American sitcom on its head. It’s the first horror sitcom. A hor-icom!”

FEARnet has ordered six episodes.

Can I be honest for a moment here? I know and like both these guys and… well, I kind of want them directing movies! I’m going to be watching this show because it sounds too weird and insane to miss, but I always get a little twitchy when good filmmakers get involved in projects other than good filmmaking. I wish them exactly enough success to make this worth their while, but not so much success that I have to wait five goddamned years for the next Joe Lynch movie.